Washington057 Metal Manual Focus Lens Adapter Ring for Canon FD to Fit Fuji FX Mount Camera chính hãng 289.000đ

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@My master, Xiao Er has been waiting for you for a long time, welcome to Xiao Er's electronic shop *washington057* #This e-shop has enough stock, the owner can add and place an order if he finds the items he loves. The owner is also welcome to collect Xiaoer's e-shop# (^_-)Welcome dear owner to pay attention to Xiaoer's electronic shop, we will have more and more exquisite gifts waiting for the owner(^_-) @%After the owner places the order, Xiaoer will deliver the goods quickly #with quality and quantity delivered to the owner%@ (^_-) If the owner consumes the products of this shop for two or more times, he will get more benefits for you. Xiaoer is looking forward to your additional purchase and order(^_-)Features:1.Made of quality metal, high strength and non-deformation, super smooth surface finishing.2.The lens mount adapter is suitable for Canon FD lens to mount for Fuji FX mount camera body.3.Completely manual control, supports manual focus and manual exposure.4.Allow focusing to infinity, aperture priority.5.Precise thread ensures firm connection between lens and camera body.Specifications:Item type: camera adapter ringMaterial: Aluminium alloyColor: blackWeight: Approx. 83.3gCompatible Lens: For Canon FD lensCompatible Camera: For Fuji X-Pro1, X-E1, E-M1, X-A1, X-T1, X-T10, X-T20 mount camera body. Packing List:1 x Lens adapter ringNote:This adapter ring is only suitable for Fujifilm X installation interchangeable digital lens cameraIt does not apply to S2Pro / S3Pro / S5Pro digital DSLR cameras.Precautions for use:If your camera says ”The lens is not installed correctly”, please modify the camera menu settings.Generally called the release lens shutter is not installed, you can modify the settings to allow. Please refer to the camera manual for details.Although the lens is suitable for physics, auto iris, auto focus or any other function will not work when using this adapter. There are no electrical contacts on the adapter ring. Full manual operation, manual focus, manual iris adjustment can be achieved with manual exposure of the body, aperture priority exposure. In this case, the ”stop mode” must be used during the measurement because the lens does not have the ability to control its aperture by the camera body. You can shoot in manual or aperture priority mode. Before using, please set the camera menu: ”No lens shooting”.