Dây đeo vai máy ảnh SLR R8I6 196.200đ tại Nước ngoài có giá sỉ Toàn quốc

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New air cushion decompression camera strap:

Weight: 0.119kg

Body length: 550mm
Width: 58mm

Length of webbing at both ends: 430mm
Width: 12mm

Material: waterproof fabric

Decompression function-when gravity is transmitted to the human body, the air cushion absorbs most of the impact force, so that the gravity of the camera swaying up and down disappears, and then achieves the effect of decompression, which effectively relieves the pressure on the human muscle tissue by the weight.

Massage function-the super air cushion converts the weight of the camera into a massage on the neck and shoulders of the load-bearing parts, so that the blood of these two parts can circulate, and the feeling of fatigue and pain can be greatly reduced

Including: shoulder strap*1
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