[CKE] Remote key 433 copy remote controller professional garage remote key ERW chính hãng 69.180đ

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Sản phẩm đang được bán tại Nước ngoài, nên thời gian nhận hàng phụ thuộc vào địa chỉ nhận hàng của bạn. Mặc khác, shop bán [CKE] Remote key 433 copy remote controller professional garage remote key ERW chưa được chứng thực bởi Shopee nên bạn cân nhắc qua điểm đánh giá, số sản phẩm đang bán, mức độ theo dõi và độ phản hồi trước khi khi đặt hàng

Chips could be copied2260(all manufacturers);2262(All manufacturers);PT2264, 5326(All manufacturers);SC5262, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, SMC918series,527(All manufacturers);1527(All manufacturers);2240(All manufacturers);HCS101, HCS200\HCS201(part code),HCS300\HCS301(部分代码), part single chip microcomputer.......... Copy methodOne hand keeps the original remote controller, while another keeps the copy remote control, the two remote controls should be placed as closely as possible (the ideal situation is to put the two remote controls on the desktop side by side with zero distance), respectively press down the copy button, when the LED indicator light flashes quickly after three flashes, this copy is successful, other key operating methods are the same. Some remote control has a smaller transmitting power, so the original remote control should be placed back to the copy remote control to be operated. For the presence of noise, it should avoid interference to operate, If the copy is not successful, it should recopy after clearing code.( Attention:Your original remote control must be able to work and the same as our remote control frequency)Specifications1. Product size: 63 × thirty-three × 13mm;2. Working voltage: 3V 12V;3. Working current: ≤ 12mA;4. Working frequency: 433MHz;5. Transmitting power: 10-15mw;6. Launch distance: 100m (open);7. Frequency deviation: ± 0.2mhz;8. Transmission rate: 50-60khz;9. Coding chip: Super IC copy has the function of copying the remote controller and can be used alone;10. Number of keys: four keys optional;11. Shell color: black;12. Scope of application: customized copy / copy type rolling gate wireless remote controller is widely used in various door and window controllers and other industrial control, anti-theft alarm, smart home and other fields.Package includes: 1 * product, 1 * key chain