Bộ 2 đai quấn bảo vệ mắt cá chân co giãn tiện dụng chính hãng 19.920đ

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Description:100% brand new and high quality Features:For sports protection: to guard against ankle injuries in the midst of movements.For injury care: to prevent aggravation of pains, alleviate swelling around ankle, and ease the pain caused by muscle loss.For durable use: soft with good flexibility for many kinds of sports.One size fits most. Material: PolyesterColor: Bluesize:18cm*8cmpackage include:2pcs Ankle BraceHello, welcome to willbehot.vn store!Our shop specializes in men's products and some household products, and you will find the good quality goods you need here! At the same time.Store products will be updated in time, and there are various coupons with large amount!Pay attention to me, and you can get new products and promotions in the first timeWorking days are from Monday to SaturdayLeave me a message if you have any questions, and I will reply you as soon as I get to work!