1 công tắc rơ le không dây 433MHz DC 3.7V 5V 6V 7V 9V 12V chính hãng 225.000đ

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large-scale Discount Voucher Code!!Enter a discount code to buy more offers! All ready stock !! = High quality product Good packaging We will arrange 24 hours shipping asap!Fast delivery (from China) 5 to 12 business days after shipment(except some special holidays). Feature:1. [EASY TO USE] Easy to use and safe. The Working Voltage: DC3.7V‑DC12V; Maximum Load: 1A (have better load less than 700mA).2. [SAFE LEARNING] Learning code has a high level of security due to its low repetition rate and relearning mode. Stable and sensitive.3. [CONTROL AT ANY TIME] When the remote control is lost, it can delete the old code and relearn the new code, so you can control it at any time.4. [WITH ONE REMOTE CONTROL] Equipped with one remote control, it is more flexible to use. Very easy to set up, learn, relearn and control.5. [WIDE USE] Mainly used in lighting, electric doors and window, lifting equipment, gates, elevators, industrial control and security industries, etc.Specification:Item Type: Wireless Remote Control SwitchMaterial: ABS+PCBWorking Voltage: DC3.7V-DC12VMaximum Load: 1A (better load is less than 700mA)Standby Current: 0.2mARelay Working Current: 20-30mAWorking Mode: Momentary switch lock adjustableEncoding Type: Learning point to add transmitterBuilt In Button Batteries in the Remote Control: 2 x CR2016(75mAh) (included)Package List:1 x Remote Control1 x Relay

How to Use

Moment: pressing a button is working/turning on. Release your finger while pressing the stop/close button
Toggle: Press one button at a time to indicate work/open. Press the same button again to stop/close.
Lock: Button A works/opens, button B stops/closes
Press the remote control A button, the corresponding relay will start and keep working until the timeout. (5S)
Learning Code:
Input 12V, connect the learning button, and the receiver LED lights up. Press remote control button A once, Led flashes once, then press remote control button B once, LED flashes once again, indicating success
T4: Connect the learning button. Until the receiver LED flashes once, it means the replacement of T4 is successful.
M4: Connect the learning button. Until the receiver LED flashes twice, it means that the M4