Error:Recv failure: Connection reset by peer Giấy Mài Đánh Bóng Xe Ô Tô Bằng Silicon giảm chỉ còn 97,000 đ

Giấy Mài Đánh Bóng Xe Ô Tô Bằng Silicon giảm chỉ còn 97,000 đ

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Sản phẩm đang được bán tại Quốc Tế, nên thời gian nhận hàng phụ thuộc vào địa chỉ nhận hàng của bạn. Mặc khác, shop bán Giấy Mài Đánh Bóng Xe Ô Tô Bằng Silicon chưa được chứng thực bởi Shopee nên bạn cân nhắc qua điểm đánh giá, số sản phẩm đang bán, mức độ theo dõi và độ phản hồi trước khi khi đặt hàng
97,000 đ193,000 đ

Note:Note:This sandpaper is well suited for a variety of sporadic work and small fixation.Characteristics:1. 36pcs-3 3: 120/180/240/320/400/600/800/1000/1500 / 2000/2500/3000- high quality: Wet dry sandpaper is made of waterproof silicon carbide, and treated by electroplating. It 's very durable, not scattered, torn or break.- wet and dry use: Waterproof and tensile technology makes sandpaper strong and durable, long-term use, it can be used for dry and wet dual use. You can use the metal, wooden, use them on all items such as plastic or porcelain.- easy to identify: Gravel specifications are printed on the back of sandpaper, it 's easy to identify all differences- wide use: Applicable to arts and crafts, carpentry, cars, polishing and polishing in metal and plastic applications. Perfect grinding metal, glass, light and painted wood, plastics, ceramics, varnish, stone and body repairs- perfect size: All sandpaper sizes are 9x3.6 inches, you can easily cut into any smaller size you need. Soft sandpaper ensures hand grip when grinding objects.- please select gravel suitable for your grinding or polishing operations, in order to get better results.Guide to use:120-240 rough sand:Used for rough grinding and scratching320-400 rough sand: Used for mild grinding between coatings, or grind metal and other hard surfaces600 to 800:Final finishing before painting1000 to 1500:Used for grinding between coatings, and grind metal and other hard surfaces.2000 to 3000:Used for polishing,Including packaging:3.1203... 1803... 2403... 3203... 400 3x6003x8003x10003x1500 3x20003x25003x3000Including:3.1203... 1803... 2403... 3203... 4003x6003x8003x10003x15003x20003x25003x3000

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