[Abdey] Mobile Phone Lanyard Widened Version Fabric Women's Hanging Neck Rope Length Mobile Phone Chain Pendant Pendant Chain Key Cartoon giảm chỉ còn 19,440 đ

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abdeyCongratulations on meeting Sombat Shop I hope you can buy the products you like here There will be new events and products. There are more in the future, so stay tuned. *Next are product features. To help you understand product features faster .Note: When purchasing the product. Please look at the picture. Is it a long rope or a short rope.Type: PendantMaterial: FabricTreatment process: thermal transfercolor: ..Red and Blue Minnie (long rope) ..Red and Blue Minnie (short rope)Donald Duck (long rope)Donald Duck (short rope)Monsters University (long rope)Monsters University (short rope)Toy Story (Long Rope)Toy Story (short rope)Disney (Long Rope) .Disney (lanyard)Green Mickey (long rope)Green Mickey (short rope)Red Minnie (long rope)Red Minnie (short rope)Purple Rabbit (long rope)Strawberry Rabbit (long rope)White letter rabbit (long rope)Ice cream rabbit (long rope)Yellow and green rabbit (long rope)Stitch (long rope)Smile Sesame Street (Long Rope) +Blue and White Sesame Street (Long String) /unicorn,StrawberrylemonBlue and white flowers +Whether cross-border export exclusive source of supply: NoDistributors have discountsPlease contact me, Follow the store to receive couponsGet a coupon before placing an order to get an extra discount. (Go to the store homepage to obtain) 100% new productsQuality Assurance ⊙ Matters needing attention *,After placing the order, if there is stock, we will ship it within 1-3 days. If it is out of stock, we will contact you to explain the situation.Please read the baby’s description and related instructions carefully before taking pictures. After the buyer takes the photo, he is deemed to agree to all relevant information, such as product price, nature, etc. After the buyer receives the product, please check whether the outer packaging is intact, and then sign for it after confirming that it is correct. If a batch is found during the verification process, please contact our after-sales customer service in time. We will help deal with urgent claims.If the delivery time is short, the delivery is slow, or the product is defective, please contact us for help. We will do our best to make you satisfied. Please do not leave a bad review, thank you very much! Please pay attention to maintenance. The use time will be longer. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask me. I wish you a happy life.