O.TWO.O Eyeliner waterproof long-lasting eyeliner Eyes makeup black giảm chỉ còn 38,000 đ

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38,000 đ54,000 đ

【Product Details】Brand: O.TWO.OProduct name: O.TWO.O Quick Dry EyelinerOrigin:made in China Source: Company goodscolor: blackQuantity: 1Specification/capacity: 13gSize: 1.2cm *12cmShelf life: 3 yearsSuitable for skin type: any skin typeEfficacy: fast/quick-drying, long-lasting, natural, easy to wear, waterproof, no blooming, no makeupSpecification type: normal specificationWhether it is special-purpose cosmetics: NoShelf life of cosmetics: 36 monthsIngredient: DIETHYLAMINOETHYL METHACRYLATE, CARBON BLACK, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, POLYSORBATE 60, XANTHAN GUM, METHYL BENZOATE, WATERpackage:1*Eyeliner(with box)【product features】The excellent gloss and color rendering, the ability to outline delicate and smooth details, create the eyes of elves, and interpret the charming charm of women.This waterproof eyeliner creates thin or thick lines that will not smudge or extend. Two nibs can easily draw a long-lasting complexion on the eyeliner.Easy to control, not easy to split, soft strokes will not hurt the eyes, thick eyeliner strokes are necessary for beginners.Including petroleum ingredients. Prevent dry eyes.Use fluently for up to 24 hours.1. Maintain all day (real test)One of the most important characteristics of a liquid eyeliner is that one application can stay in place all day long and maintain the anti-smudge and anti-fading effects of moisture, sweat and tear. It guarantees 12 hours of waterproof wear.2. Soft felt tipThe felt tip allows you to play the lines flexibly-light pressure will give you fine thin lines, while applying more pressure will give you a thicker, bolder appearance.3. Easy to disassemble.◦ Just use some regular makeup remover to easily remove makeup.PRODUCTION DATE:2020(SEE OUTER PACKING FOR DETAILS)SHELF LIFE :3 YEARS (SEE OUTER PACKING FOR DETAILS)

  • Thương hiệu: o.two.o
  • Dạng sản phẩm: Dạng lỏng (liqid)
  • Waterproof (không thấm nước): Có
  • Kích cỡ: Kích cỡ tiêu chuẩn
  • Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc
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