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KQ135Feature:1.Face-lifting beauty bar: firming and lifting, shaping V-face, making skin soft, smooth and elastic.2.Silicone cleaning brush head: cleans pores, massages the skin, and improves the skin problem.3.DuPont antibacterial soft bristle brush head: moderate hardness and elasticity, it can also care for tooth enamel while cleaning.4.The body adopts anti-vibration treatment, only the brush head is shaken, not the whole body.5.2 minutes smart timer function.6.6 cleaning care modes to meet different needs.7.IPX7 waterproof performance, the whole body can be washed.Specification:Material: ABSPower: 1.4WBattery capacity: 1200mAhCharging time: about 2 to 3 hoursDuration of use: about 4 hours of continuous useCharging display: the indicator light is red when charging, green light on when fully chargedModes: Whitening, Massage, Cleaning, Gentle, Polishing, Gum Protection Power cord length: 22cm±2cmPackage Content:1 x Toothbrush (the host comes with a protective cover and one toothbrush head)1 x Cleansing head1 x Beauty bar4 x Toothbrush head